V&A Dundee


V&A Museum of Design Dundee will be an international centre of design for Scotland. It will celebrate Scotland’s historic importance in design and host major exhibitions of outstanding design, helping people understand their own and others’ cultural heritage. V&A Museum of Design Dundee is designed to inspire creativity.

As part of the highly dynamic conceptual development phase in 2010-12, LV was seconded by the Scottish Government to work on V&A Dundee as an employee of the University of Dundee. As part of the Product Team, she developed the Design in Action knowledge exchange strategy and a key deliverable was securing the AHRC Knowledge Exchange Hub ‘Design in Action’ in 2011 for the University of Dundee, which has a total project value of £4.09M with value to UoD of £1.85M. In addition, Valentine was core to the project securing an additional £400K investment from Creative Scotland and £1.2M inkind investment from industry. She worked across Scotland with the craft sector and design industry and their communities to listen and bring their voice to the developments, while writing papers for the Dundee Design Ltd board.




















V&A Museum of Dundee, Scotland. Designed by Japanese Architectural Practice, Kengo Kuma & Associates


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