Please note this website was created in 2002/3, is a Macromedia Flash site and won’t work on Apple mobile devices. LV is looking into alternatives so it can be viewed cross-platform.

The philosophy of Mindfulness is key to LV’s design research.
MIndfulness+Design2004 MIndfulness_Design2004b

A number of academic papers and international conference presentations were given as part of the process of creating and disseminating the research, including:

Valentine, L. & Ivey, M. (2009) Sustaining Ambiguity and Fostering Openness in the (Design) Learning Environment. In : Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education. 7, 3, p. 155-167 13 p.

Valentine, L. (2005) Observing Observations: the reflective use of research methods in a study of internal rhetoric.
The University of the Arts Bremen, Germany held the 6th International Conference of the European Academy of Design, ‘Design System Evolution’,  in March 2005.



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