Past, Present and Future Craft Practice

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Image: Clare Twomey, “Consciouness/Conscience’, 2003.Photographer Andy Paradise, courtesy of Clare Twomey
Printed in the ‘Past,Present & Future Craft‘ book, 2010.

In this ambitious and ground-breaking project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project (2005-10), new strategies and methods were conceived and tested on a national scale and in many instances, developed in partnership with the sector and policy makers.

Past, Present and Future Craft Practice‘ asked, What is the future for craft? LV’s research specifically asked, ‘How do we raise the level of innovation in practice and develop new strategies for the sector?’

This research project laid the foundations for ‘V&A at Dundee‘ initiative and conceived of products and services currently being developed and tested for the new design museum, intended to open in 2016.

Conferences (organised)
Prototyping (2010)
New Craft Future Voices (2007)

Future Craft (Halifax, Canada, 2011)
Knowledge Through Making (2010)
Innovation and Creative Development in Craft Practice (2010)
Future Craft (Dundee, Scotland, 2010)
Future Voices Celebrating Craft (2007)

Journal Paper
Valentine, L. Fillis, I and Follett, G. (2013) An Exploratory Investigation into the Role of a Research and Development programme on future craft practice. Arts Marketing Journal, Vol 3, 2, pp95-116
Valentine, L. (2010) Craft as a Form of Mindful Inquiry, The Design Journal, 14/3: 283– 306
Follett, G. and Valentine, L. (2007) [Eds] New Craft Future Voices, Special Issue. The Design Journal.

Valentine, L. (2013) (Ed) Prototype: design and craft in the 21st Century. London, New Delhi, New York, Sydney: Bloomsbury
Valentine, L. and Follett, G. (2010) [Ed] Past, Present and Future Craft Practice. Edinburgh: National Museums Scotland

Conferences & Symposia (participated in)
Crafting Future, London, 2011
Ideas in the Handmade, Edinburgh, 2011
European Academy of Design, 2011, Porto, Portugal
Design Research Society, 2010, Montreal
Crafticulation, Helsinki, Finland, 2008
Neocraft, Halifax, Canada, 2007
European Academy of Design, 2007, Turkey

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