Craft as a Form of Mindful Inquiry

How do we raise the level of innovation in craft practice and develop new strategies for the sector?

Craft as a Form of Mindful Inquiry is the 5-year (part-time) post-doctoral study (2005-2010) looking at the issue of innovation in craft. It is a qualitative methodology involving over 100 international craft practitioners, analysing craft processes, products, services and strategies. There are four traditions of research involved – phenomenology, hermeneutics, critical social theory and buddhism.

Exhibitions, prototypes, workshops, interviews, product design, storytelling, visual mapping and critical writing were undertaken by LV as part of her design and craft research.

A paper published in The Design Journal gives insight into the research journey and some of the new knowledge gained.

Gallery Content Gallery Content Gallery Content  The textile industry in Kiryu, Japan. Gallery Content geoff NCFV_autoexhibit_ SR71_  2007bench lenscabinet  TP-W ID exhibit left view2


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