Craft Writings

A selection of LV’s writings and publications on craft, which have involved working with great people – international practitioners, historians, curators, academics and policy influencers including Glenn Adamson, Sandra Alfoldy, Mike Press, Katie Bunnell, Catharine Rossi, Frances Stevenson, Hazel White, Geoffrey Mann, Drummond Masterton, Tim Parry-Williams, Ian Fillis, Amanda Game…

Craft as a Form of Mindful Inquiry, The Design Journal, Volume 14, Number 3, September 2011, pp. 283-306(24)

New Craft Future Voices (2007): Edited collection of 52 papers. Colour Edition £95 + Black&White Edition £36

Future Voices Celebrating Diversity (2007): Edited collection of exhibition proposals £43

Past, Present and Future Craft Practice (2010): Edited collection of writings from AHRC research project £35

Craft Communication and the Innovation Agenda. Valentine, L. (2012) In, McDonald, J. and Rossi, C (2012). Ideas of the Handmade: histories and theories of making. Edinburgh: Edinburgh College of Art. Free Download

Ideas of the Handmade Free Download

Contents Page: Ideas of the Handmade

Contents Page: Ideas of the Handmade

Craft has witnessed an upsurge in critical debate this past decade and the sector has much to be encouraged by as a result of this increased attention. Alongside a plethora of new books dedicated to the debate, most notably the work of Glenn Adamson (2007; 2009; 2013), there is the addition of a first series of academic journals, namely, The Journal of Modern Craft (published by Berg in 2008) and the journal Craft Research (published by Intellect in 2010). In the UK, new knowledge and greater awareness of craft was supported by, for example, the emergence of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (2005), the arrival of Craft Scotland (2007) and the continued work of the Crafts Councils in Ireland, London and Northern Ireland. This recent investment is significant; it denotes a transformation in attitude and behaviour towards the leadership and management of craft in the contemporary world. From this perspective, it is reasonable to suggest that momentum has gathered and the issue of why craft needs to rethink its cultural, economic, political, social and technological relations with the world is being attended to. Emerging from this landscape is the exigent problem of mindfully managing this asset to receive a return on investment that effectively supports craft in all its guises; the asset being how craft engages with the principle of uncertainty. Sustaining change is now the important challenge….

… The issue of innovation has quietly gained greater precedence within my research (2002␣2012) on communicating design and craft. Innovation has been studied in four ways; through communication of an object, as a process employed when creating and realising an idea, as a service for facilitating new activities, as ways of working and/or markets, and as an environment. For the purposes of brevity, each of the four ways will be raised and key points noted. As the objective of the essay is to be discursive, full critical discussion of each is not proffered.


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