A Doctor’s Time Travels + advice from will.i.am

5th November 2013 marked the 10th Anniversary of my successful PhD viva voce and, as the minor amendments were accepted by University of Dundee on 19th January 2004, this new year’s date has become a private, personal celebration. I never cease to be proud of the achievement nor cease to respect the personal qualities that made it happen. The award is a reminder of what I can achieve when I put my mind to it and, to persevere in the pursuit of my dreams.

Dreams; they’re powerful things and as 10 years is a milestone for me, the moment encouraged a fresh conversation with my dream.

On Sunday I watched an inspiring documentary about will.i.am who spoke eloquently and lyrically about how he ‘sees’ his dream. It was part of the ‘Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind‘ series on Sky Atlantic HD.

toda is clay

today is clay

 The documentary was motivating in many ways but for this story, the bit that stood out was how he gave advice on protecting our dreams and how they are inherently linked to who we are now, who we were as children and who we are becoming. will.i.am describes the importance of staying true to yourself …
“I’m living my dream and you gotta protect the dream.
You gotta treat your dream like some little fragile
thing that can just blow away with any wind or,
any sneeze can blow your dream away…
‘hitchoo! Oh! Where did it go, where did it go?
Can you see it? I lost, I lost my dream!
You got to treat it like a candle in the wind.
So, I learned to be
Grrrr…Not taking no for an answer.
‘Go, go, go, go, go, go!’
And, when you get there –
‘Go, go, go, go, go, go!’
Right now, I’m still ‘go, go, go, go go!’
People are like, ‘You made it!
I ain’t made it… I’m still running.
I’m running, running, running, running.
I don’t like sitting still.
Life’s too short.

And what was his dream? It was to be William the Wizard: to stay connected to his dreams, to write songs, to imagine, and turn ideas into reality.
If you get the chance, watch it. It’s definitely something we in creative arts education should be sharing with our students to encourage them to be themselves, to replicate no-one and pursue their originality.

This year, the auspicious 19th January marked the beginning of a new chapter in the pursuit of my dreams with the first steps of the new year’s adventure taken.
So, if you haven’t already, why not take some time to remind yourself of your dream and the importance of being yourself.


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